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27 Jan

Water is a beautiful thing, cleansing, purifying, and nourishing to the body, so this is when I thought it would be a perfect concept for the design of my Medical Spa and Wellness Center! The idea of water will be broken up into the states of matter, solid, liquid, and a gas.  My concept statement on the boards explains where I want to go with the design.

The first board is what I created for our concept re-visit this week, the second board was when I first introduced the concept last semester.  I am continuing to expand into this concept thinking about the word “effervescence.”


Choosing a Senior Project

22 Jan

Choosing a senior project was a hard task for me, as I like all kinds of commercial spaces.  I love hospitality design so at first I was leaning toward a boutique hotel, then got to thinking about a health and wellness center, and then ended up with a Medical Spa, that is a high-end luxury medical spa!  Well actually now it is a Medical and Wellness Spa! :) The allocated space of my design is about 29,000 sq. ft., which will be a 3 story medical and wellness spa with many different types of treatment rooms, spaces for both men and women, yoga studios, a juice bar, and doctors and admin offices.  I have always loved spas and things to do with taking care of one’s body.  Doing precedent studies last semester really inspired me and got me really excited about my future design!


After spending an entire semester of researching and creating this ginormous book, its time to get this show on the road!

Welcome to my design blog!

20 Jan

It’s January 2012 and I just started my last semester of college!! Graduation is in sight, I am so ready and so excited to get out in the real world and hit the ground running! 

This blog will display my design inspiration through interior spaces, architecture, art, travel and whatever else inspires me! 

It will also display my design process as I make progress through my senior thesis project! 

Comments are welcome!!