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Interior Design Magazine – February Issue – A MUST READ!

29 Feb

The February 2012 edition of Interior Design Magazine has got to be the best yet! I really don’t know why I am mesmerized by the entire issue but it is the first one in a very long time that I opened and drooled over the entire thing because it was sooo cool!! I am 100% obsessed!!! Check out the whole magazine here!! I promise you it is worth your time!

Here are some projects that I can’t get over!

Corus Entertainment -Toronto, Canada

Firm: Quadrangle Architects

Seriously, how cool?! I would love to work in a place like this!!

Another is the Elizabeth Arden office in Stamford, Connecticut designed by Highland Associates

Absolutely LOVE this!!! I can’t get over the look of this and the texture that it brings to the space!

Click to see more about the Elizabeth Arden Office!!

Another one I love is the Steelcase Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan

I love the geometric shapes over head and how it creates movement within the space!

Check it out here!

Last but not least,  there is an article on an amazing Hostel in Basel, Switzerland, designed by buchner bundler architecten, this was one article that interested me because I stayed in a hostel in Switzerland this time last year and it did not look anything like this!! NONE of the hostels I stayed in anywhere looked liked this!! Check out more of the Hostel Meets Hotel.

Thanks for reading!! I just had to share my thoughts on this amazing magazine!




26 Feb

Circulation is important to any space to allow the users to move around with ease.  I always design with good circulation in mind as I pretend to walk through the space.  The way that I have visioned circulation in the medical and wellness spa, other than in the floor plans, is by adding a design element through different points down the hallway to move the user through the space.

I chose to show circulation on the 4th floor which is full of yoga studios, the juice bar, and the retail area.

Relating back to my concept, the “3 states of water” I chose to relate the concept to my floor plan by each floor representing a “state” of water, gas, liquid, and a solid.  So in this case, the solid represents the 4th floor which I have shown here.

These are the chairs I will use for the sitting area in the hallway, right now I’m thinking a blue fabric or a striped blue, green, and white fabric.

To expand on this idea I am thinking of a flooring pattern or keeping the geometric element moving up onto the ceiling to keep the flow of the space going.

Armstrong BioBased Tile “Striations” – ‘Java’ will be used for the flooring and different tones of greens and blues will be used for the wall colors.  Vibrant, but still a relaxing feel.

Let there be Light!

23 Feb

“There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.” – Billy Baldwin, Ruby Ross Wood

As I’m searching for lighting inspiration I came across these images….WOW!

Are these not these coolest lights you’ve ever seen?!

Check out Yellow Goat Design for Amazing Light Fixtures!

Interior Design Magazine New Products

Art in Firenze

21 Feb

I keep thinking about the piece of abstract art that my dad, sister and I came across on our trip to florence when we were traveling from museum to museum.  It’s made out of packing tape. I had to share, it’s quite the inspiring piece.

Moving along…

18 Feb

This past week was a busy one, but I’m sure I can say that about all of the weeks ahead of me. Not only with it being a busy week, it snowed on monday and we did NOT get out of class! This pushed my progress, motivation, etc. a step backward, or maybe 2 to 3 steps backward.  I was banking on a snow day, I mean who doesn’t love snow days?? and since I did not get ANY last year (because I was on the other side of the world, I can’t complain) when the rest of my classmates missed like 2 weeks of school or something crazy like that.  Anyways, my point is that I’d like to have at least one snow day before I graduate. :) Catch my drift?

So with this said, I was struggling and feeling behind.  We had an “Arrival Charette” on monday to develop the arrival space of our design.  We had about 45 minutes for each arrival space design.  This is not enough time for me, especially when there is snow on the ground and I’m locked in class.  Here are sketches of what I came up with. (These are views of coming off of the elevator on the second floor).

My first sketch with some ideas.  Having trouble with the reception desk -design and location because of traffic in all areas of the space.

I have trouble drawing to scale in perspectives so if you can just picture the furniture a little bigger… ha!

[The captions on the side of the pic from top to bottom say..dropped ceiling, frosted glass, arrival from stairs]

Here is a final idea with some color.  I want to create a very modern high-end luxury feel but still comfortable.

Practicing in Revit with the look Im trying to achieve.  The furniture is a place holder not the furniture I want in the space. It is sort of the shape I want to use though!

Another.  Added glass bead curtains and a fireplace in the middle until I can figure out how to put a fireplace in the wall! Again the furniture is a place holder for scale, not the furniture I want to use.

Here are some furniture pieces I would like to use in this space.

On Wednesday, we had a “Circulation Charette.”  I am still working on perfecting it so be on the look out for upcoming posts on the circulation charette, final plans, plus more exciting inspiring images!


in love.

10 Feb

I am obsessed with chandeliers, especially this one….and those chairs are amazing!

I thought “PARTIS” were supposed to be fun?

9 Feb

Partis, Partis, Partis, I’m still thinking in my head…what is this? If you get the clue from my title I am not to fond of them…

Last week and this week wrapped up our final floor plans…yikes that was quick! We started out with a “parti charette” last monday.  I worked off the idea of my concept and moving from a larger space to a smaller space just like gas to a solid.  I came up with some that I thought worked pretty well, but then wednesday came along…

I talked to my teachers about an awkward corridor leading into my space and if I really needed it there (my building is a 5 story building and I’m using the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors).  With one side of the building being a curtain wall, I needed more room toward the back of the space for certain treatment rooms that cannot have any sunlight.  So therefore, taking out this corridor allows more space and a more reasonable arrival area.

Here are some parti diagrams that I developed through ideation, the sketch on the bottom is the closest to what my design is leaning toward.


















Rough sketch of floor plan ideation came next,  I really wanted to play off the curvilinear lines and the free flow of my concept “water,” but as I was thinking harder into it…”functionally” I don’t think its the best idea.

Here is what I came up with for a close-to final floor plan for my medical spa! I still have some minor changes to make…Im going to change up what is on each floor and see how it works!

2nd floor

3rd floor

4th floor

and thats a quick overview of space planning in a few short days! I am still working on these so I am willing and more than happy to take feedback!

Thanks for reading!

Spas across the world

6 Feb

As I am looking for Internships and researching firms I recently fell in love with Hirsch Bedner Associates and the work they do. Working in a hospitality interior design firm is my dream.  I found a project they designed very inspirational to me, ESPA in Istanbul, Turkey.  The spa has a luxurious feel with its embossed bronze floor, chocolate brown marble, cast bronze sinks, and walls of crystals and warm, rich lighting effects.

I love the geometric wall structure in the gym area, it reminds me of water in its solid state as a molecule.

ESPA Istanbul, Turkey

Hirsch Bedner Associates



1 Feb


Love the textures and the soft glow of light in this hallway space. Lite Brite anyone?
The Standard Hotel, NYC