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Project Process

30 Mar

The deadline is coming up so soon!!

The past week has consisted of very little sleep and many hours with Revit. In fact, my eye sight has been blurry the past few days because of deliriousness and staring at my computer screen for hours and hours on end!  I have accomplished some renderings for my final project, what you see below is the Retail area that will sell yoga accessories and skin care products, the Juice Bar that sells healthy smoothies and other yummy drinks, and the treatment room, which I love the look of because it is very simple and clean!

I still have to do the finishing touches of photoshop on the images which will add more to the image.  For example, the back wall of the juice bar will have modular art tile, it will add texture and will be visually stimulating, I hope anyways! ha!

I still have more spaces to render and tons of other things to do to complete this project!

I feel guilty for sleeping.

Hope you enjoy my renderings so far! More to come soon!

If you have any suggestions please let me know!! Thanks


Do you love art? Check this out!

27 Mar

Do you love art? cause I do!

One of my best friends, Kelsey Winchester, a very talented young lady has recently launched her WEBSITE!!! This is so special to her because she has been painting for a very long time and working very hard to get this website started! Her paintings are AMAZING and you can now buy them at a great price!

Here is a little bio about Kelsey…

Kelsey Winchester was born and raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas to two of the most loving parents in the entire world. These particularly nurturing individuals began to provide their daughter with copious amounts of art supplies at an early age, perhaps to deter her from drawing on every piece of paper she could find (business faxes were her favorite canvas). At age seven, Kelsey had an important summer: her little brother Ethan was born and her mother enrolled her in a summer class at the Arkansas Art Center. This same summer Kelsey made two very important discoveries…first and foremost, that you cannot “exchange” your baby brother for another baby just because he cries too much, because the box in the maternity ward is not where this brother came from. Secondly, the most exciting way to pass the time when you must be quiet in the house and not wake this small, very new family member is to make art.

At age 12, Kelsey’s grandmother enrolled her in a summer acrylics class at the Public Library in Perryville, Arkansas. This first experience with “real paint” was life changing to say the least. Over the next several years, Kelsey took every art class she could in the North Little Rock School District. In the 11th grade, she had the extreme pleasure of meeting her mentor, teacher, and friend, Suzette Patterson, who made huge and lasting impacts in the young artist’s life by teaching her how to “see”. To say that this relationship was monumental would be an understatement.

When Kelsey graduated from high school she decided against attending art school at Savannah College of Art and Design, a very real option due to winning a Thea Foundation award and scholarship. Greatly influenced by a trip to Honduras, she opted instead to pursue a degree in International Relations from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with the eventual goal of attending law school to rid the world of the problems and pestilence she saw in Central America. Despite Mrs. Patterson’s warnings that she would eventually realize that she could not escape her call to art, the stubborn young artist continued with her plan, and moved to Fayetteville. Four years later, with a B.A. in International Relations and two minors (Spanish and Latin American studies), she accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Arkansas School of Law. After much prayer, debate, and many sleepless nights being torn between continuing in her legal education and pursing her dream, Kelsey withdrew from law school to start doing what she is wired to do. Kelsey still resides in Fayetteville, where she spends an ample amount of time painting in her studio overlooking Wilson Park.

Here is one of my favorite prints! Isn’t she so good?!

Click on the link below to check out her website for more of her fabulous work!

Buy some prints and support this talented young artist! :)

Kelsey Winchester Fine Art

On a side note from design: Fashion Week Wrap-Up

25 Mar

For those of you that liked my post on “Fashion and Architecture” in honor of NWAFW here is a wrap up! It was an amazing event that raised over $33,000 for local non-profit organizations! Im so thankful to be part of such an amazing event! I had the time of my life!

I was in two articles that were posted on fayetteville flyer since the fashion show!

Check out the entire article here!
Check out the whole article here!
Watch me walk down the runway at 1:53! I was so excited when I came across this video on fayetteville flyer! The clothes you see on me are from a fabulous store on the fayetteville square ‘Savoir-Faire.’

Here are some other great looks from Savoir-Faire!

I find my passion in design, but also in fashion, photography, art, traveling, and videography!

This video below that Dale made is such an inspiration to me!

Check out this amazing video made by Dale Benfield for Riffraff’s Fashion Show!

Check out Dale’s Blog!

The looks that I modeled are available at two great stores on the square here in fayetteville, Savoir-Faire and Riffraff. Click on the links to check out there Facebook pages!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Activity 2: Yoga Studio

22 Mar


Activity 2 I chose to design one of the yoga studios.  I chose the largest space out of 3.  This space has a lot of natural light as there is windows on both sides.  The yoga studios are located on the fourth floor so when you are in this yoga studio you are high above the ground and have an excellent view of the city.

This prelim floor plan shows the largest yoga studio (on the end)

This sketch is a view from when you walk into the space.  The far wall is a mirror with a wood casing and curtains. Roller Shades on the windows to provide shade from the sunlight.  Stretched fabric on the ceilings with lighting in them that can be used in hot yoga spaces.

This image is where my inspiration comes from. I did a precedent study on this yoga studio last semester. I love the light, airyness and the lighting effects the ceiling gives.

This a view of standing inside the yoga studio looking back at the entrance, with bamboo wallcovering on the back wall.

This is the flooring that will be used in the studios.

Rough sample board of what will be in the space:


  • SW 6710 Melange Green
  • Bamboo Wallcovering


  • Yoga Flooring fro


  • Johnsonite Gray Wall Base

Ceiling Elements:


  • Stretched Fabric
  • Heat Panels show above
  • SW 6265 Quixotic Plum for the ceiling

Activity 1: Treatment Room

20 Mar

Here is the process of designing the treatment rooms! As you can see I had a few different ideas.  Storage is a big necessity in these spaces so I incorporated more storage as the ideation process went on.

Sample board of what will be shown in the space.

Wall Color: SW 6286 Mature Grape

Back Wall in-between the cabinets: Modular Art Tiles-Dune

Lighting: *(Changed from the sample board)

  • Bling Chandelier/Semi-Flushmount by Robert Abbey
  • 2 dimmable recessed can lights


  • Corian-Designer White


  • The gray laminate will change to a wood laminate, I noticed that the gray laminate will get dirty too easily with fingerprints, etc.


  • Kohler: Crucible Vessels above-counter lavatory
  • Kohler: Falling Water wall-mount lavatory faucet


  • Crossville Tile: Porcelain Stone Seal Taupe


  • White River Hardwoods Crown Molding/White
  • Johnsonite: Rubber Base Molding/White

Defining Public Space

12 Mar

The week we were to define the public space in our project, I chose to define the Juice Bar area.  The pictures below describe the ideation process I went through.

The floor plan for the 3rd sketch.

The floor plan for the sketch above.

After my desk crit, I was told I need to develop the area more and I took it into consideration to redo that side of the building on the 4th floor. Here is my new idea which Im starting to like a lot better!

Here are some rough drafts of what the space will look like, this is the retail area that leads into the juice bar.

Here is a rough image of the new juice bar area.

Some materials that will be used:

  • Corian Mint Ice or Lime Ice…still deciding
  • Knoll Space CHIP Chair
  • Knoll Studio Arena Cafe Tables
  • Back-Painted Glass for ceiling element and backdrop for retail cash wrap
  • Cube Pendants by Tech Lighting
  • 3D Wall Decor behind the juice bar
  • Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Thanks for reading!

Fashion and Architecture

7 Mar

In honor of Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week, I decided to do a post on Fashion, Architecture, and Interiors! Three of my loves! Color is a HUGE trend in fashion this year and as I re-browsed through my photos from Europe I noticed tons of color! I am so excited to be a part of this event as I will be modeling for Savoir-Faire on friday night! One of my favorite shops in Northwest Arkansas!! All proceeds from ticket purchases go toward non-profit organizations in the area. It’s a great organization and of course so much fun! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Photos courtesy of me and Pinterest! Follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the side button!

Photos taken in Burano and Venice, Italy, Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, and London, England

Color Inspiration

4 Mar

I came across an amazing artist, Madeline Denaro from another blog I follow called 


I love this color palette and this has become the median of two color palettes Ive been trying to pick from!

What do you think?! Please comment!


Click to see other works of art by Madeline Denaro