Activity 2: Yoga Studio

22 Mar


Activity 2 I chose to design one of the yoga studios.  I chose the largest space out of 3.  This space has a lot of natural light as there is windows on both sides.  The yoga studios are located on the fourth floor so when you are in this yoga studio you are high above the ground and have an excellent view of the city.

This prelim floor plan shows the largest yoga studio (on the end)

This sketch is a view from when you walk into the space.  The far wall is a mirror with a wood casing and curtains. Roller Shades on the windows to provide shade from the sunlight.  Stretched fabric on the ceilings with lighting in them that can be used in hot yoga spaces.

This image is where my inspiration comes from. I did a precedent study on this yoga studio last semester. I love the light, airyness and the lighting effects the ceiling gives.

This a view of standing inside the yoga studio looking back at the entrance, with bamboo wallcovering on the back wall.

This is the flooring that will be used in the studios.

Rough sample board of what will be in the space:


  • SW 6710 Melange Green
  • Bamboo Wallcovering


  • Yoga Flooring fro


  • Johnsonite Gray Wall Base

Ceiling Elements:


  • Stretched Fabric
  • Heat Panels show above
  • SW 6265 Quixotic Plum for the ceiling

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