De-Clutter Your Life!

19 Apr

Do you ever feel cluttered? I do! For the past few months I’ve been trying to come up with clever ways to de-clutter and become more organized in random situations, because we all know the busier we get, the messier we get! I have found some great ideas on Pinterest, follow my board “Organization” on Pinterest for more clever ways to get organized!

get rid of messy cords with binder clips!

hang necklaces with an old rake!

create a neat looking (hidden) storage container with a wooden box and old broken off book ends!

Add sandpaper to the top of a mason jar lid and add some matches!

A pull-out organized wire drawer for easy accessibility! Also add hooks to the back of the cabinet doors for hair dryers and curling irons!

Corkboard or piece of wood covered in burlap with drawer knobs for easy jewelry organization

All-around sink drawer for those kitchen neccessities

Old frames with small hooks and wire strung across for more jewelry organization

Recycled Coffee can to hold plastic bags

Clipboards covered in scrapbook paper for wall organization to post important things!

Shower curtain hooks on a bathroom rod for necklaces and bracelets!

Chalkboard Vinyl Stickers on clear jars for pantry and kitchen organization!

I hope to use some of these ideas in the future!! Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to look at my pinterest page!


One Response to “De-Clutter Your Life!”

  1. Tonya Anderson 04/19/2012 at 11:49 am #

    I love the rake, I love all of them.

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