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23 Aug

Last week, my friend Anna and I went to D’s Magazine’s Style Sheet Party! We had tons of fun and met lots of bloggers and “frequent” faces I’ve seen on T.V.

We went mainly because Anna works for D Mag, but also because we love to get dressed up, and who doesn’t love a few free cocktails!! Little did we know we would meet Courtney Kerr, from Most Eligible Dallas, Hilari Younger from this past season of HGTV Design Star, and Gregg Asher from

Also we were on the front page of D Magazine Style Sheet Website! So cool!






On a side note from design: Fashion Week Wrap-Up

25 Mar

For those of you that liked my post on “Fashion and Architecture” in honor of NWAFW here is a wrap up! It was an amazing event that raised over $33,000 for local non-profit organizations! Im so thankful to be part of such an amazing event! I had the time of my life!

I was in two articles that were posted on fayetteville flyer since the fashion show!

Check out the entire article here!
Check out the whole article here!
Watch me walk down the runway at 1:53! I was so excited when I came across this video on fayetteville flyer! The clothes you see on me are from a fabulous store on the fayetteville square ‘Savoir-Faire.’

Here are some other great looks from Savoir-Faire!

I find my passion in design, but also in fashion, photography, art, traveling, and videography!

This video below that Dale made is such an inspiration to me!

Check out this amazing video made by Dale Benfield for Riffraff’s Fashion Show!

Check out Dale’s Blog!

The looks that I modeled are available at two great stores on the square here in fayetteville, Savoir-Faire and Riffraff. Click on the links to check out there Facebook pages!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Fashion and Architecture

7 Mar

In honor of Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week, I decided to do a post on Fashion, Architecture, and Interiors! Three of my loves! Color is a HUGE trend in fashion this year and as I re-browsed through my photos from Europe I noticed tons of color! I am so excited to be a part of this event as I will be modeling for Savoir-Faire on friday night! One of my favorite shops in Northwest Arkansas!! All proceeds from ticket purchases go toward non-profit organizations in the area. It’s a great organization and of course so much fun! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Photos courtesy of me and Pinterest! Follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the side button!

Photos taken in Burano and Venice, Italy, Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, and London, England