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Painting Project

3 Oct

Last week I had a few free days so I decided this task had to be done!

I had been wanting to paint my apartment since before I even moved in, but never got around to it.  (Mainly because they said if I painted it, I would have to paint it back white before I moved out).  After renewing my lease for a few more months, I couldn’t stand to look at the white walls anymore.  Since my apartment is little, I just wanted to paint two accent walls.

I started moving furniture, taping the walls, and I was done with both walls in 4 hours!

I chose Sherwin Williams-Dovetail in eggshell/satin—I also chose Emerald Paint because it has no VOCs.

The emerald paint was amazing in this small space, there was hardly any paint smell and it applied well with it being a paint and primer in one. I definitely recommend it!