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NYLO Hotels. Luxury Loft Boutique Lodging.

26 Apr

This past weekend my mom and I took a little trip down to Dallas to run some errands and sign lots of paper work!! :))) My family owns hotels so I always stay in the standard hotels…hampton inn, holiday inn express, quality inn, and so on. I stay there because I get discounts and who doesn’t love discounts.  Well, I’ve always had a love for boutique hotels, which are amazing! I’ve only seen most on the internet and been in a couple! One being the Hotel ZaZa in Uptown Dallas, which I didn’t take many pictures off and this hotel, The NYLO.  If you have never stayed in a NYLO you need to!!! It was amazing! I knew it was going to be cool because some people I know had stayed there before but seeing it for my own eyes was so cool!! I’m not sure if it was because I’m interested in Interior Design and I’ve learned so much the last few years, but I really pay attention to it now! If I would have been allowed to design a boutique hotel for my senior project, I would have done it 100% better than my spa project!

The NYLO Hotels are located in Plano, Texas (that is this one that Im blogging about!), Dallas,/Las Colinas, Providence, Rhode Island, and opening up this summer there will be one in Dallas Southside (which they said is downtown)!!

Check out the website http://www.nylohotels.com/

I love the branding for the NYLO everything is branded the same way down to the soap, shampoo, etc. I am somewhat into graphic design so this caught my eye!

The arrival space

love the exposed ceilings

small nooks off to the side with simple curtains

Hallway down to the hotel room! Very plain but I love it! Im a simple kind of person!

Fell in love with this artwork down the hallway on the main floor! this was located on the wall across from the meeting rooms leading down to the bar area.

Signage….I love how big and simple it is!

Another seating area with a rug that matches, this was used way more than I expected in the amount of time I was in the hotel!

In the bar area, breakfast/bunch area in the mornings

It’s all about the detailing! look how cool the tables are!

Now to the bedrooms! I am in love!! I loved the light fixtures

The brick accent wall and the side concrete walls are covered with curtains to soften the space

The bed, yes I was on the floor checking out the construction of the bed. The floor is concrete and around the bed and seating area are rugs.  I thought that because concrete was used it would be cold but it wasn’t at all, and it was even chilly outside! The concrete flooring had a normal warm temperature and my mom said she noticed how it was warmer around the bed!

Sitting area in the bedroom

Door to the bathroom, I love the industrial, modern fee

The top of the shower is exposed and open into the rest of the room (the shower is that rounded piece of glass)

The lighting in the bathroom is perfect for putting on makeup!

I love how the mirror extends into the shower!

Our stay at the hotel was one to remember and I hope I get to stay in one again!! I hope these hotels continue to grow and expand all over the u.s. and the world! I loved the atmosphere and the bed was even comfortable!! I didn’t feel like I was in a normal hotel and I loved that!

If you have a chance to stay at a NYLO, DO IT!! You won’t regret it!

The designer of the space is Stephane Dupoux with Dupoux Design


Moving along…

18 Feb

This past week was a busy one, but I’m sure I can say that about all of the weeks ahead of me. Not only with it being a busy week, it snowed on monday and we did NOT get out of class! This pushed my progress, motivation, etc. a step backward, or maybe 2 to 3 steps backward.  I was banking on a snow day, I mean who doesn’t love snow days?? and since I did not get ANY last year (because I was on the other side of the world, I can’t complain) when the rest of my classmates missed like 2 weeks of school or something crazy like that.  Anyways, my point is that I’d like to have at least one snow day before I graduate. :) Catch my drift?

So with this said, I was struggling and feeling behind.  We had an “Arrival Charette” on monday to develop the arrival space of our design.  We had about 45 minutes for each arrival space design.  This is not enough time for me, especially when there is snow on the ground and I’m locked in class.  Here are sketches of what I came up with. (These are views of coming off of the elevator on the second floor).

My first sketch with some ideas.  Having trouble with the reception desk -design and location because of traffic in all areas of the space.

I have trouble drawing to scale in perspectives so if you can just picture the furniture a little bigger… ha!

[The captions on the side of the pic from top to bottom say..dropped ceiling, frosted glass, arrival from stairs]

Here is a final idea with some color.  I want to create a very modern high-end luxury feel but still comfortable.

Practicing in Revit with the look Im trying to achieve.  The furniture is a place holder not the furniture I want in the space. It is sort of the shape I want to use though!

Another.  Added glass bead curtains and a fireplace in the middle until I can figure out how to put a fireplace in the wall! Again the furniture is a place holder for scale, not the furniture I want to use.

Here are some furniture pieces I would like to use in this space.

On Wednesday, we had a “Circulation Charette.”  I am still working on perfecting it so be on the look out for upcoming posts on the circulation charette, final plans, plus more exciting inspiring images!