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Defining Public Space

12 Mar

The week we were to define the public space in our project, I chose to define the Juice Bar area.  The pictures below describe the ideation process I went through.

The floor plan for the 3rd sketch.

The floor plan for the sketch above.

After my desk crit, I was told I need to develop the area more and I took it into consideration to redo that side of the building on the 4th floor. Here is my new idea which Im starting to like a lot better!

Here are some rough drafts of what the space will look like, this is the retail area that leads into the juice bar.

Here is a rough image of the new juice bar area.

Some materials that will be used:

  • Corian Mint Ice or Lime Ice…still deciding
  • Knoll Space CHIP Chair
  • Knoll Studio Arena Cafe Tables
  • Back-Painted Glass for ceiling element and backdrop for retail cash wrap
  • Cube Pendants by Tech Lighting
  • 3D Wall Decor behind the juice bar
  • Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Thanks for reading!



26 Feb

Circulation is important to any space to allow the users to move around with ease.  I always design with good circulation in mind as I pretend to walk through the space.  The way that I have visioned circulation in the medical and wellness spa, other than in the floor plans, is by adding a design element through different points down the hallway to move the user through the space.

I chose to show circulation on the 4th floor which is full of yoga studios, the juice bar, and the retail area.

Relating back to my concept, the “3 states of water” I chose to relate the concept to my floor plan by each floor representing a “state” of water, gas, liquid, and a solid.  So in this case, the solid represents the 4th floor which I have shown here.

These are the chairs I will use for the sitting area in the hallway, right now I’m thinking a blue fabric or a striped blue, green, and white fabric.

To expand on this idea I am thinking of a flooring pattern or keeping the geometric element moving up onto the ceiling to keep the flow of the space going.

Armstrong BioBased Tile “Striations” – ‘Java’ will be used for the flooring and different tones of greens and blues will be used for the wall colors.  Vibrant, but still a relaxing feel.