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I thought “PARTIS” were supposed to be fun?

9 Feb

Partis, Partis, Partis, I’m still thinking in my head…what is this? If you get the clue from my title I am not to fond of them…

Last week and this week wrapped up our final floor plans…yikes that was quick! We started out with a “parti charette” last monday.  I worked off the idea of my concept and moving from a larger space to a smaller space just like gas to a solid.  I came up with some that I thought worked pretty well, but then wednesday came along…

I talked to my teachers about an awkward corridor leading into my space and if I really needed it there (my building is a 5 story building and I’m using the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors).  With one side of the building being a curtain wall, I needed more room toward the back of the space for certain treatment rooms that cannot have any sunlight.  So therefore, taking out this corridor allows more space and a more reasonable arrival area.

Here are some parti diagrams that I developed through ideation, the sketch on the bottom is the closest to what my design is leaning toward.


















Rough sketch of floor plan ideation came next,  I really wanted to play off the curvilinear lines and the free flow of my concept “water,” but as I was thinking harder into it…”functionally” I don’t think its the best idea.

Here is what I came up with for a close-to final floor plan for my medical spa! I still have some minor changes to make…Im going to change up what is on each floor and see how it works!

2nd floor

3rd floor

4th floor

and thats a quick overview of space planning in a few short days! I am still working on these so I am willing and more than happy to take feedback!

Thanks for reading!